Private Lessons In-home or in my classroom

$50.00 per lesson in my classroom in McMinnville, TN 


See description for additional pricing.

** Discounts for training packages

6-week package

8-week package

10-week package


I offer both in-home private lessons and private lessons in my classroom in McMinnville, TN. These classes can cover Basic Obedience (on-leash) and Advanced Obedience (off-leash), Behavior Modification, and Specialty Task Training.

The Basic and Advanced Obedience packages last 6-weeks each. The commands that are taught with these classes include come, sit, down, stay, place, leave it, take it, give it, and heel. Certain behaviors will be corrected with this package including rushing the door, jumping, stealing items, and on-leash manners. 

Special Pricing on packages and payment options available. Contact me for info.

I offer in-home private training for the following counties: Warren, White, Van Buren, Dekalb, Coffee, Cannon, Grundy, Rutherford, Wilson, Hamilton, Bledsoe, Putnam, Cumberland, and Bradley Counties. I will travel to additional counties on a case by case basis - call to discuss further. 

In-Home Pricing:

$75.00 per lesson for locations within a 25-mile radius

$85.00 per lesson for locations within a 40-mile radius

$95.00 per lesson for locations within a 50-mile radius

Additional scheduling and cost will be applied to behavior modification or specialty task training.  

In-Home Service and Special Need Training

Call for more information

I offer in-home training of specialty tasks. If you have a dog that you feel could perform tasks to improve your daily living, please contact me for an in-home evaluation.

During the In-Home Service and Special Needs Training, I will work with you and your dog to identify tasks that your dog would be able to perform to assist a family member with their daily life activities.

Tasks may include picking up dropped items, opening cabinets or refrigerators, turning on a light switch, tethering to a child, or performing a comforting "lay" to apply soothing physical touch to an individual that needs it. Call for an in-home evaluation.

See the Service Dog Page for more information on specific task training that I offer in addition to specialty-trained dogs. 

Please see Private lessons section above for pricing.

6-Week AKC STAR Puppy Group Class

Group classes in McMinnville, TN 


This class is ideal for the first time puppy owner to the lifelong dog owner with a new puppy. Starting your puppy off on the right foot can make all the difference. During these 6-weeks, you and your puppy will learn basic commands, proper play and correction, and socialization.​ Classes will be held both indoors and outdoors, weather pending. Please call for a schedule of classes near you.

You & your puppy will learn the basic commands through luring such as "with me", stop, sit, down, "walk it", place, watch me, leave it, and give it.

Classes currently scheduled in McMinnville, Warren County Tennesee - Call for more info!

New classes starting January 2nd and January 5th

6-Week AKC CGC Group Class

6-Week AKC CGC Class in McMinnville, TN


I offer a 6-week AKC CGC Group Class that covers the ten-skills of a Canine Good Citizen.  Such as accepting a friendly stranger, sitting politely, loose lead walk, sit/down/stay, coming when called, reaction to distraction & other dogs, along with supervised separation. This is a fantastic class to progress your dog's obedience to the next level and strengthen the bond between you two. 

Following the class, you can arrange to take the AKC CGC Test, the test is not required unless you want the CGC classification - the cost is an additional $25.00.

AKC CGC Classes currently underway in McMinnville, Warren County TN, with more scheduled soon. Call for info.

New Classes starting January 2nd in McMinnville, TN. 

4-Week Group Basic Obedience Classes

4-week group class in

McMinnville, TN


I offer a basic group obedience package (on-leash) and lasting 4-weeks. The commands that are taught with these classes include come, sit, stay, down, leave it, and heel. 

Basic Obedience is a prerequisite to the Advanced Obedience Class. 

Classes currently scheduled in McMinnville, Warren County Tennessee - Call for more info!

New classes starting Thursday, January 7th

Group Clicker Classes

This is a 1-day class in

McMinnville, TN


Clicker training is a foundation class and a prerequisite for most of the advanced and specialty classes. The clicker is a unique sound, a click, to tell a dog that he has done something right. Because the click sound is hard to replicate in daily life it is a distinct sound that can be used to mark any action or behavior a dog does. This training is fundamental in teaching your dog advanced and complex behaviors. 

6-Week Group Trick Classes

6-week class in McMinnville, TN 


The 6-Week Trick Class is a great way to spend time with your dog and challenge them both mentally and physically. Some of the tricks that your dog will learn include: shake, high-five, bow, pick up items/toys, ring the bell, and many more. 

Dogs love having a purpose and they love to please you. This is a great class for dogs of all ages. I will teach you how to use clicker training, however, I will be teaching with treat/reward for the class.

6-Week Group Scent Work

6-week class in McMinnville, TN 


The 6-Week Group Scent Class is a great way to teach your dog to use his nose. Teaching the fundamentals of scent work - imprinting on odors to finding and indicating scent found. This can be for fun, recreation, competition, and a great way to spend time with your dog.

This class has gained popularity throughout the canine community. 

6-Week Group Trailing Class

6-week class in Warren County TN


The 6-Week Trailing Class is a great start for anyone interested in competition tracking, SAR, and is another way to get out and enjoy time with your dog. This class begins with an introduction to hot trails leading into warm trails and progressing up to a 30-minute cold trail.

This class has gained popularity throughout the canine community.

Both a harness and Longline is required for this class - items not included in group class price. Please let me know if you need any recommendations for trailing equipment. 

Class starting soon! Call for info!

4-Week Group Fun Agility Class

4-week class in

McMinnville, TN


The 4-Week Fun Agility Class is a great start for anyone interested in getting out, having fun, and enjoy time with your dog. Agility is both great exercise and a fantastic way to build confidence in your dog. Working through obstacles and jumps, your dog will have fun and become more confident. 

Clicker training is suggested but not a prerequisite for this course. This is a Fun Agility - for dogs 6-months and older - dogs of all shapes and sizes. 

This class has gained popularity throughout the canine community.


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