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Information about our
Service Dog Program

Service Dogs in Training

If you or a family member is in need of a Service dog, please contact me for additional information and an application. I raise puppies and train service dogs for mobility assistance, mobility support, hearing impairment, PTSD, seizure alert, seizure detection, Diabetic Alert, and specialty service tasks. I do not train seeing-eye dogs.

I have a few breeders I am currently working with that have exceptional quality puppies with amazing temperaments and intelligence. I purchase puppies and my wife and I raise them in our home. They are socialized with each other and our other pets, housebroken, take on weekly outings, and attend all the AKC Classes as well. Then they begin task training and perfecting their skillset.

There is an average of 18 months waiting list for one of my trained service dogs. I know other breeders of high-quality standards that specialize in English Labradors, Standard Poodles and Doodle blends and more or if you have a special preference of breed or color, please know, there may be a little longer delay depending on the availability of puppies.

** I only train English Labradors for Seizure Detection or Diabetic Detection. I train English Labradors and other breeds for all other tasks. 

A service dog can bring independence, confidence, and security by Alerting for alarms, timers, or phones, opening doors, picking up dropped objects, assisting in maneuvering through a crowd, tethering to a child with the ability for an emergency stop, or providing deep pressure therapy. The Service Dog is personalized and tailored to your needs.

I can provide you with a dog that will fill your need and fill your life with love and affection too.

I do follow ADA guidelines when placing my trained service dogs.  These guidelines include the individual must have a diagnosed physical disability or anxiety distorter or chronic illness affecting at least one limb.  When choosing a puppy to be a service dog, I begin evaluating and testing at 4-weeks of age and continue throughout the training process.


Every dog can be a loving pet, a small percentage can be a successful service dog. I take great pride in the dogs I raise/train and I feel you will see that special quality in them as well.

I often get asked to train an individual's dog to become a service dog, it does take more than a loving pet to be a service dog. Unfortunately, most family pets do not have the foundation to successfully navigate the Service Dog demands. I do not bring existing pet dogs into my service dog training program. 

I choose high quality puppies from experienced and professional breeders with health tested parents for the best pups to join my program. 

I do not train for "emotional support" or Therapy Dogs as they are not recognized by ADA as true service animals. Additionally, Therapy Dog training takes a different path than service dogs do. 

Please click the "Application" link if you would like to begin the process to determine if a service dog is right for you. If you are under 18 years of age, please have your parent or guardian contact us. If you are under 21, please complete the application but know, we require a co-signer on the contract. 

Thanks so much!

Mike and Tanya

Please Know...

  • On average, there is a 12-24 month waiting list for a service dog. 

  • We will not place a dog with a child under 8 years of age. 

  • We do not train seeing eye dogs.

  • I am sorry, but we will not train your existing pet to be a service dog. 

  • We do not bring outside dogs into our service dog program. 

  • The Price of a finished service dog is based on several factors:

  • The dog, the number of tasks needed, the type of tasks needed, any additional equipment or harnesses needed for the tasks, and your location. 

  • You must be at least 18 to complete the application

  • If you are under 21, we will require a co-signer on the contract

  • We must communicate with the parent or legal guardian of any minor needing a service dog

  • We do not offer financing

  • Delivery up to 200 miles away is included at no charge, travel beyond that will be additional based on location.

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