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The Service Dog Process

We begin with discussing your needs, but the service tasks and any specific needs you have in the dog (size or hypoallergenic needs). 

I have a preliminary application that helps me further identify the best possible matches for you with my current service dogs in training.

Following the completion of the application, a meet and greet is scheduled where you come and meet the potential dog candidates and we see if a natural bond is present. 

Then a contract is signed and the finishing training of your service dog begins. 

The Process

The Service Tasks

I raise puppies and train service dogs for mobility assistance, hearing impairment, Tourette's Assistance, Autism Assistance, PTSD, and specialty service tasks such as (but not limited to):

Deep Pressure Therapy

Touch - behavior interruption and stimulation

Hearing Assistance Alert

Seizure Alert & Detection 

Seizure Cushion/Lay

Get Help

Mobility Assist with counterbalance and brace

Pick up/Retrieve items

Light Switch

PTSD/Crowd Control

Anxiety Calming


Blocking and/ or Emergency Down for a running child


Retrieve Medicaiton 

and More

Deep Pressure Therapy
Service Tasks
Rogan, Bo, and Kai _ Cool Springs Mall

The Price

 The national average cost of a service dog ranges from $25,000 to $50,000. We do all we can to keep costs well below the national average to help make service dogs more accessible to individuals who need them most.
The price of a trained service dog varies with the dog and the number of and type of tasks needed.

My service dogs are CKC / AKC Registered, Microchipped, Neutered, House Trained, Delivered to your location with 3 days in-home training for you and your family, follow up training/refreshers included for multiple years, fully vetted with wellness check prior to delivery, and registered as a service dog. 

Please contact me to discuss your needs and the pricing of the dogs.

The Price
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