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If You Need A Service Dog

If you or a family member is in need of a Service dog, please contact me for additional information and an application. I raise puppies and train service dogs for mobility assistance, mobility support, hearing impairment, Tourette's Assistance, Autism Assistance, PTSD, seizure alert, seizure detection, and specialty service tasks. I do not train seeing-eye dogs or diabetic alert dogs at this time.

I have a few breeders I am currently working with that have exceptional quality puppies with amazing temperaments and intelligence. I purchase English Labrador puppies and Newfoundland puppies and my wife and I raise them in our home. They are socialized with each other and our other pets, housebroken, take on weekly outings, and attend all the AKC Classes as well. Then they begin task training and perfecting their skillset.

There is an average of 2 year waiting list for one of my trained service dogs. I know other breeders of high-quality standards that specialize in Standard Poodles and Doodle blends if you prefer a hypoallergenic dog or if you have a special preference of breed or color, please know, there may be a little longer delay depending on the availability of puppies.

A service dog can bring independence, confidence, and security by Alerting for alarms, timers, or phones, opening doors, picking up dropped objects, assisting in maneuvering through a crowd, tethering to a child with the ability for an emergency stop, or providing deep pressure therapy. The Service Dog is personalized and tailored to your needs.

I can provide you with a dog that will fill your need and fill your life with love and affection too.

I do follow ADA guidelines when placing my trained service dogs.  These guidelines include the individual must have a diagnosed physical disability or anxiety distorter or chronic illness affecting at least one limb.  When choosing a puppy to be a service dog, I begin evaluating and testing at 4-weeks of age and continue throughout the training process. If at anytime a dog in training exhibits any aggression, resource guarding, fears, separation anxiety, or other behavior issues that would hinder their performance - the dog is retired out of the program and placed in a loving pet home. Every dog can be a loving pet, a small percentage can be a successful service dog. I take great pride in the dogs I raise/train and I feel you will see that special quality in them as well.

There is an application process for a service dog, please contact me if you would like to begin the application process.

I often get asked to train an individual's dog to become a service dog, it does take more than a loving pet to be a service dog. Unfortunately, most family pets do not have the foundation to successfully navigate the Service Dog demands. I do not bring existing pet dogs into my service dog training program. 

I choose high quality puppies from experienced and professional breeders with health tested parents for the best pups to join my program. 

I currently do not train for "emotional support" or Therapy Dogs as they are not recognized by ADA as true service animals. 

As mentioned above, I do not bring outside pets into my service dog training program. I am sorry but if that is what you are looking for, we cannot help with that.

Please click the link "Questionnaire for Service Dog Info" if you would like to begin the process to determine if a service dog is right for you. If you are under 18 years of age, please have your parent or guardian contact us. 

Thanks so much!



Trevor & Mason

We are ecstatic to announce we are adding two more Light Yellow English Labs into our training program. 

Trevor and his brother Mason will be coming to Tennessee from Mississippi. The boys came from Sure Shot English Labs where we have gotten other outstanding service dog pups from. We are beyond impressed with this breeder! 


The English Lab is the universal soldier, they are versatile and make amazing service dogs. This breed has the most gentle temperament and is so confident and loving. 


These boys will certainly carry the breed traits of being a Talented Service Dog!

If you are interested in learning more about any of our available Service Dog – Please contact me for more information and to get a copy of the application.

I would love the opportunity to train this little one up to enrich your life through Mobility Assistance, PTSD, Tourettes Support, Hearing Assistance, or Autism Assistance. Please contact me for more information.

Our Preferred Breeders 

Sure Shot English Labs


Sure Shot English Labradors not only have some absolutely beautiful labs, they have outstanding quality too.

All of their dogs are high quality, well-tempered English labs designed to preserve the wonderful qualities of the breed and improve their life spans.

We are excited to announce we have two puppies from their bloodline that will be joining us soon who will grow into Service Dogs to assist individuals with mobility, hearing, seizure alert/detection, PTSD, or autism assistance down the road.

If you are looking for an outstanding English Labrador raised with love, compassion, and wonderful bloodlines - contact Sure Shot for your puppy needs.

Please contact me if you have any questions or contact them directly.

Homegrown Standards


Homegrown Standards focus is to raise happy, healthy, high quality AKC Standard Poodle puppies. We breed for temperament & breed standards. Our puppies are raised on the Bad Ass Breeder  curriculum, setting the puppies up for ultimate success. 

We are small breeder in Middle TN, only having one to two litters a year

Please contact me if you have any questions or contact them directly through their Facebook page.

or email: 

H&M Acres Newfoundlands


H&M Acres Newfoundland focus is to raise happy, healthy, high quality AKC Newfoundland puppies. Our dogs are part of our family...they attend soccer practices & games, they camp with us, they swim with us, with us! all!  They have a little over 3 fenced acres to play on as well as a nice pond to swim in.   They LOVE to rescue our kids & their friends while they swim!  Even the neighborhood dogs like to come over to play!  They truly are a part of our family. All breeding dogs have their health certificates for hips - PennHip, DNA - cystinuria  & D.M. , OFA - elbows & hearts.

7.5  (21).JPG

I want to say a Huge Thank You to Puckett EMS / Puckett EMS TN / N.GA and Keith Riddle for the much appreciated donation of a CPR Dummy to assist with service dog task training!

This CPR Dummy will be a great addition to my training program for Deep Pressure Therapy - the pups in training will really benefit from it!

Charlie was happy to accompany on the trip to Puckett Ems Station 10 in Dunlap!

Thank you again!

Service dogs enrich the lives of individuals with special needs or disabilities or individuals that just need assistance. 

Dogs can be taught many behaviors to assist and enrich an individual's life - depending on the client's needs. Some behaviors I teach include (but are not limited to):

Mobility and Hearing Assistance Dogs

  • Providing Mobility Assistance

  • Providing Assistance for the Hearing Impaired

  • Retrieving specific objects (DVD’s, keys, remotes, etc.)

  • Retrieving dropped articles

  • Opening doors, drawers, and cabinets

  • Turning on or off lights

  • Getting help

  • Barking or exhibiting a certain behavior to alert toward danger, doorbell, or telephone

  • Stopping at certain objects

  • Finding scents

  • Walking slowly to lead the individual

  • Carrying objects

Seizure Alert/Response

  • Touch - to alert an individual of a tick or behavior or situation

  • Alerting of a seizure

Autism Support Dog

  • Lay/apply body pressure - Deep Pressure Therapy

  • Pulling or stopping on command

  • Emergency down - to stop someone from wondering off or crossing a dangerous road

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