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Frequently Asked Questions??

  • Will we train your dog to be a service dog ?

    • No, I am sorry but we do not bring family pets into our service dog training program. We are very selective on the breeders we work with, we bring the pups into our home at 9 weeks of age and begin training at 10 weeks. The training process takes one year. A family pet may make a good service dog, but our service dogs are raised from puppy stage to be a service dog - weekly outings, public events, daily exposures. ​
  • How old do I have to be to apply for a dog?

    • You must be 21 years of age or older to complete our preliminary application. We understand school is tough and that difficulty can be compounded when you have additional components in your life. Please have your Parent or Guardian contact us for more information. ​If you are between 18 and 21 years of age, you will need a co-signer with the contract.

  • How old does the individual need to be to use a service dog?

    • We will not place a service dog with a handler that is younger than 8 years old unless extreme circumstances are present and discussed in length during an in person meeting. ​

  • How much does a service dog cost?

    • We receive this "general" question daily. Unfortunately, there is not a window sticker or set menu price for a service dog. The price will be impacted by the dog (certain breeds cost a lot more), the length of the training needed (Mobility dogs are with us until they are at least 18-20 months, while others are with us 12-14 months), service equipment needed (mobility harnesses run $800 - $1000+ while a standard service dog vest runs $35), how many tasks do you need the dog to do, the difficulty of the tasks, and your location (can we drive there for delivery or do we have to fly) all come into the price of the finished service dog. 

  • Is there financial assistance (i.e. financing/payment plan, grants, discounts, etc.)?

    • Our finished service dogs are a fraction of what other large non-profit organizations charge. We are an LLC, not a non-profit so we do not have access to grants or other financial assistance. We do not have any payment plans. A deposit is required at contract signing and payments are due up until 60 days before delivery - at that time, the dog must be paid in full. We do share fundraisers the handler has going after a contract is signed for the dog. Most of our customers are able to get their dogs fully funded via fundraisers. ​

  • "I am on a fixed income, but I need a dog" or "I need a service dog but don't want to pay that much for a service dog".

    • We truly want to help everyone we can, but again, we are not a non profit organization and we do what we can within the scope of doing business - and that is keeping the price of the service dog as low as we can. We purchase the dog from high quality breeders, paying top dollar for the dog, training 2x a day at least 5 days a week, weekly outings, day trips to events for exposure, some go on test flights, all are neutered, and regularly seen by the vet for well visits, and more. We have a large investment in the dogs.  The price of the service dog is an investment for the handler too, you still have the daily care and feeding, annual shots and vet checks, and more. As with any prospective pet owner or service dog owner - evaluate your needs, your abilities both financially and physically, make sure you are making the best decision for you and your pet/service dog, and know that you are bringing a living creature into your home that will be dependent on you for 10-15 years or more. ​

  • What commands do we train the service dogs to do?

    • We do restrict our service dogs to only be finished with no more than four tasks at delivery. The finished service dog tasks can include any of the following (but not limited to)

    • Deep pressure therapy/lay

    • touch /tactile stimulation to interrupt a behavior

    • Mobility support - brace/assist walking

    • Counter balance/pull

    • Mobility Assistance - open doors/cabinets

    • pick up/retrieve dropped item

    • carry light weight items

    • Deep Pressure Therapy

    • Diabetic Alert Low sugar

    • Diabetic Alert High Sugar

    • bark to get help

    • Seizure Alert (for GrandMal Seizures)

    • Seizure Detection - scent train for oncoming seizures (for GrandMal Seizures)

    • PTSD/Crowd Control

    • and many more

Our goal is to match the perfect service dog candidate for the individuals needs. We are also trying to match the best individual for the dogs needs. We love our service dogs in training and only want the best for them too.

If you complete an application or come for an in person meeting and we tell you that we do not have a dog to meet your needs it is not personal - we are saying our dog's personality, traits, mannerisms may not be the perfect fit to compliment and improve your life. Or, we may be saying our dogs are raised with a different relationship and environment than you have portrayed you can provide and for that reason, we may not feel we are the best trainers for a dog for your needs. This is not personal - we want the best for you and our service dogs. ​

Now, on the other hand - if you complete the application and are interviewed, we might just have the absolutely perfect dog for you - one that will complement your life, love you unconditionally, be that extra set of eyes, ears, hands, support that you are looking for and needing. And we will know that you are the perfect lifelong companion for our dogs too. These "matches" are priceless, we see the connection with the person and the dog and know without a doubt that it is right. This is what we look for and strive for. 

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