Service Dog Tasks

Multi-Purpose Service Tasks

The Multi-Purpose Tasks can include: Retrieving Dropped Items, Retrieving Specific Named Items (Phone, Keys, remote, Leash, etc.), Opening & Closing Doors, cabinets, and drawers, Opening, and Closing the Fridge, assisting in the removal of clothing/socks, Holding Doors Open while the Handler Passes-Through, Turning lights on and off, and assisting in carrying bags/mail/etc.

Medical Assistance & Mobility Service Dogs

The Medical Assistance Service Dog Tasks can include: Alerting Handler to Repetitive Motions or behavior, 

Nuzzling or Licking a to Provide Tactile Interruption of a Seizure, retrieving a phone, beverage, or medication from a designated spot. Pulling Wheelchair or Dragging Walker or Assistance Device to Handler. Adding or removing Laundry Into Washer or Dryer or Basket, Dragging Baskets, or Bags of Laundry via Tug Strap. Get Items off Grocery Shelf, place in cart, carry items in a bag or bucket, Carrying Books or Supplies in a Backpack. Draping Along Body of Handler for Deep Pressure therapy or to Assist With Temperature Regulation. Pulling Blanket Up or down as handler transfer in our out of bed. Helping offer stability and balance for the handler to reposition, move, get up, or sit down. 

And other tasks as needed.

Autism Assistance

Autism Assistance Dog Tasks can include: Deep Pressure Therapy, Tactile Stimulation, Interruption of self-harming behaviors by nudging the individual. Tracking and trailing to find a lost child, Tethering to a child - prevents a child from running off while in public. Tethering also includes an emergency stop - the dog will do an emergency down on command, therefore, forcing the child to stop walking or running away. The dog is a Companion for the individual which can reduce stress. 

And other tasks as needed.

The Program and Process


​Loyal Companions, LLC guarantees the health of dogs placed and trained for 12 months after delivery from any genetic problems that would keep the service dog from performing work or tasks.

​If a dog displays inconsistency in their performance of required tasks, they will be retired from the training program. If a Service Dog is retired while in training, a replacement dog will be provided at no additional cost.

Loyal Companions, LLC purchases purebred dogs from professional pet breeders around 8 weeks of age including English Labradors, Standard Poodles, Labradoodles, Aussidoodles, and Goldendoodles. Additional breeds are available upon request. All Service Dog puppies selected for our Service Dog Training program are all tested for temperament and abilities prior to being selected into our program.

​Service Dog Selection is not breed specific. Service Dogs can be of any sex, breed, or size, as long as the dog is large enough and physically able to perform the tasks or work required for assisting the individual. 

​Loyal Companions, LLC works closely with our clients when it comes to selecting the right service dog tailored to their individual needs.

​Service Dogs can be trained to perform over 100 different tasks to assist an individual with their specific disability and needs


  • A Documented Disability

  • ​Call our office at 931.580.1944 to schedule a conference meeting held either in person or video call to discuss your need for a service dog.

  • ​Once a decision is made, we will go over the training contracts in detail.

  • Once we enter into a contract, we will proceed to a dog section for you or a family member.

  • ​Once a dog selection has been made, the dog will be scheduled to begin training tailored and personalized to your individual needs.

  • ​Training time for service dogs, from the time training, begins to team certification can vary. The typical training period will range between 6-15 months, depending on the tasks to be trained.

  • ​A Training plan and Training Schedule will be discussed with you in detail during the contract acceptance phase of our program.

  • ​Once the Service Dog and individual or family member of the handler (if the recipient is not going to be the one individual the dog) completes the training course a certification test will be provided by Loyal Companions, LLC.


Once the dog completes the training, the trainer will deliver the dog and stay up to one week, working with the handler and family. There will be one follow up in-home visit at 6-months and another at 1-year to evaluate and recertify the dog.

The Price

Service dogs bring hope, confidence, independence, security, safety, and peace of mind. Think of Service Dog Training cost as investing in the future of someone that you love. Think of the way their life will be enriched and equipped with a service dog. ​

Service dogs are expensive, I purchase quality bred dogs from trusted breeders, raise them, Spay/Neuter, and train them. The amount of time it takes to train a service dog not only to be obedient in every environment imaginable, like Restaurants, the Grocery Stores, and outings but to perform specialized tasks or assistance for an individual within those same environments. This is a very long process in getting these dogs to a level of greatness. It takes hundreds of hours to have a fully trained service dog.

Service Dogs bring new opportunities and help in maintaining independence.

The cost of a service dog is based on the breed and needs of the individual. Prices can range between $8,500 up to $15,000 (plus sales tax when applicable).  I do recommend various fundraisers to assist with the purchase of your service dog. Please let me know if you have any questions.

You can look online and often find service dogs advertised for $20,000 - $25,000 and more – I want to help you get the dog you need and keep my prices as low as I can.

50% of the contract price will be due at the signing of the contract and the balance is required 6-months from the date of signing or at the delivery of the dog - whichever comes first. 


If you have a dog you would like trained as a service dog, I will do an evaluation on the dog and if the dog passes all components the training will be calculated based on the dog's age, training requirements and tasks needed.  

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