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Available Products

These are products that after much research, I use in training and for our personal dogs.
I feel so good about the quality of these products that I decided to become a supplier of them for my students, neighbors, and nearby pet owners.
Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss what I have in stock that can help with your pets needs.

Country Vet.JPG

Country Vet Naturals Dog Food

Country Vet® Naturals is made right here in the Midwest with natural ingredients your pet will devour.

The variety of products, quality of food, and amazing results is why we not only feed this to our service dogs in training and our pet dogs, but why we wanted to be able to carry it and offer it to you locally! You and your pup will love it!

Giga Tent cot 2.jpg

GigaTent Pet Cots

In private training and group classes the one command that every loves is the place command. This does not require an elevated place table - but it makes the command solid - faster. We use GigaTent Pet cots for our dog beds at home, place tables in class and for demonstrations.  I love the quality of these tables - so much I started keeping them in stock!

They come in black, grey, and tan!



Dogtra has collaborated with industry professionals for over 30 years to provide top quality class-leading e-collars and bark collars. 

These are wonderful training tools when used the right way. I do carry Dogtra collars but the purchase of a collar comes with a training session to ensure you introduce and use the collar correctly. 


PetSafe Dog Products

PetSafe has been a leader in the pet industry since 1991 - "As the largest manufacturer of electronic pet training products in the U.S., we’re devoted to the most innovative research and advanced designs. Our products help you and your pet have the best moments together, whether you need a little help with training or you just want to pamper your pet. "

I have a large assortment of PetSafe collars, leashes, and supplies for your pup.


DogLine Group

Dogline specializes in manufacturing high quality innovative pet products which are distributed to end users worldwide through an extensive network. 

DogLine carries a wonderful assortment of dog products including multi handle leashes, Herm Sprenger collars, and a variety of treat pouches to name a few items!

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